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Friend or Foe?

The question isn’t a new one, and continues to be an ongoing debate – is red wine good or bad for us? Well, most of us like a drink and for many, red wine is a greatly acquired taste, so what is the actual truth of the matter?

Well scientific studies have already proven that red wine can protect the heart, although when drunk in moderation only. It actually increases the levels of what is known as the good cholesterol ‘HDL’. It works in this way by polyphenols or anti-oxidants actually preventing both clogging and the formation of plaque around the heart. It also carries an anti-clogging effect by thinning the blood. Experts in the United States have also found a compound in red wine that over time can help control obesity. Piceatannol is a substance both delaying the production of young fat cells and stopping them from growing to maturity. In May 2002 Scientists in Spain reported red wine stopped people from getting colds. Experts at five universities found people who drank more than two glasses of red wine a day had 44% fewer colds than teetotalers  Red wine has recently been proven to reduce harmful effects from smoking, and can even help in the treatment of serious lung disease. The wonder drink is also thought to help improve brain function. So as you can see, there are many great benefits, but again only when drunk is disciplined moderation.

As for moderation, the recommended amount is 2 glasses (1 glass = 5oz = 150ml) for men and 1 glass for women per day. The bad news is too much red wine can cause dehydration and give you an awful headache the morning after. It also impairs many medications including sedatives and tranquilizers. Even more worrying is the fact it can impair skills and attention. It can even cause amnesia. But of course, this is in extreme cases.

So the facts are: drink in moderation but enjoy the wine as it helps your body! If you enjoy drinking red wine regularly, have you ever thought of making your own? Producing your own wine or beer has become very popular lately. So, should you wish to join the thousands brewing their own alcohol at home, don’t fret over where to begin; you can easily find brewing supplies with the free online directory, Directory Lists!

You can enjoy the initial hands on wine making process and then sit back, ready for the brew to come of age. For many people it all adds to the enjoyment of drinking it; knowing you’ve produced the tastes and aromas of the wine yourself. Everyone can begin by using your own fresh fruit or gathering some from the many pick-your-own orchards, fields and vineyards open to the public.

By contacting wine making and brewing supply companies on Directory Lists you’ll be able to choose from a number of different wine making kits. Most consist of a fermenting bucket, thermometer strip, mixing paddle, sterilizer sachet and siphoning kit. Most wines take only an hour to prepare and you can get up to 30 glasses of wine from most basic kits. So, get brewing and let’s raise a glass of homemade wine to the good old red grape!

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