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Run, run, run…

After over-indulging over the Christmas period, many of us had the same New Year’s resolution: to join a gym and get fit. However, with 2013 well underway, how many of us have really stuck to our resolution? A lot of the time, people get bored of the gym, with their time gradually decreasing until finally they stop going altogether. Whilst gyms are great for staying fit, there are so many other options available. Before you give up on your fitness goal, why not explore and try out different ways of keeping fit and healthy instead?

Starting a sport could be a great way of discovering a new interest as well as being social. There are plenty of sports to choose from such as football, martial arts, swimming, as well as aerobic classes such as dancing. All of these are incredibly beneficial for your body, and will burn calories and work on toning as effectively as a visit to the gym. Also, it’s a great place to meet new friends who share the same interests as you.

Working out in your home can be a cheap alternative to joining the gym. For instance, you can use your stairs to do quick aerobic stair exercises, whilst fitness DVDs and indoor equipment can also be used. Games console owners can also use programmes such as Dance Central, Wii Fit or Your Fitness Evolved via their motion sensor technology. If gaming or DVDs do not appeal to you, why not watch one of your favourite TV shows whilst jogging on the spot or using an exercise bike? You can combine something you enjoy with your daily fitness regime then! Also, take a few minutes out when you can quickly do a set of crunches, star jumps, or even Yoga. If you do this several times a day, even for just two minutes at a time, it’ll add up to your daily recommended 30 minutes of exercise more quickly than you think!

If exercising at home is not your thing though, you can always go out for a run. Running is an excellent way of working the body, and getting the heart pumping faster. Why not go for a jog around your local park each day? You’ll definitely notice the difference in your fitness after a week or two!

If you are still deliberating on what sort of exercise is for you, why not look in your town, local newspaper or search online for more options? There are plenty of ways to exercise, so no doubt you’ll find one you are interested in! However, the easiest way of finding out more about different exercise options is by contacting your local gym. You can find your local gyms easily by using Directory Lists. This free online directory provides the addresses and telephone numbers of gyms in your local area. Simply contact the one that best suits your needs and ask them about what options they can offer. Why not kick-start that resolution again today?

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