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The living room of the future

It’s a fact that people regard the home as the best place to watch movies away from the stale air of a cinema. Thanks to modern technology you can enjoy all the special effects and atmosphere of the big screen within your own four walls. And it’s not as expensive as you might think, if you know where to look.

A wide-screen TV, DVD player, and surround-sound speakers can turn your living room into a movie paradise. Your own home cinema system can produce detailed high-resolution images, offering realistic renderings of huge disasters as impressively as the quietest of moments. High-quality surround-sound speaker systems will make you feel as if that jet is passing right over you! You can almost become part of the movie. The free business listings, Directory Lists, can find home entertainment retailers who can provide the best systems at a good price.

Widescreen televisions are a must have, and, nowadays, you can make a choice between Blu Ray and 3D. The Blu Ray sound can really add to your home cinema experience. Speakers placed around your room can be complemented with wonderfully designed satellite speakers; this would really maximise your home cinema experience!

Ask about special subwoofers too, as they can add to your film-viewing enjoyment. Many good cinema systems will include an A/V receiver. This de-codes surround-sound signals, amplifies and balances the sound at the same time before passing it over to the speakers to do their job. More simply it is a little box of high-tech tricks acting as a hub for all your audio input; the end result can be quite fantastic!

Since so many of us are improving our home cinema experience, retailers are promoting cheaper products and offering more bargains to an increasing number of customers. It’s important to check out the authorised dealers; Directory Lists is the perfect place to go for your research.

Imagine how films like Avatar, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter can be brought to life with your cinematic equipment. Any action movie will really come to life and it’s an incredible experience! It’s almost as if Daniel Craig or Cameron Diaz are about to step out of the screen, and the colour is wonderfully vibrant. It’s hard to imagine just where this incredible technology will take us within the next few years. One thing is for certain, the time will come when the majority of homes carry their own complete home cinema system.

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