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Fast and safe deliveries with courier services

It is safe to say that most services are now available online. For example, plenty of us prefer internet shopping to getting out and shopping on the high street, meaning that more and more parcels are needed to be sent out by companies to their customers.

The first service most of us think of in regards to sending and receiving parcels is Royal Mail. The Royal Mail system is enormous and spans the whole country, with hundreds of postal workers ensuring that your parcel is delivered to you on time and in good condition. Royal Mail is responsible for universal mail collection and delivery in the UK – no doubt you have a red pillar box near your home to deposit letters and small packages, ready to be collected for delivery. Not only do they send your letters via postbox collections, but they are responsible for international deliveries, the sending of larger items and services such as recorded delivery (so you can track your parcel). Whilst Royal Mail is a great service for the most part, there are always moments when parcels go missing in transit, especially in busier periods such as Christmas and other holidays.

Plenty of businesses prefer to use a courier service to handle their deliveries. Couriers are one of the easiest and most efficient ways of getting an important parcel or document to its destination. Next day delivery with a courier really means you will get it the next day, too! A trusted courier service will ensure that confidential information gets to the destination without it being opened or lost on the journey. This sort of service is essential to so many companies, as almost all businesses have confidential data that will need to be forwarded on to extended parties.

Another reason to consider hiring the services of a courier is to provide peace of mind. Each parcel can be tracked every step of the way, and customers will be texted with the allotted delivery time, so they will be assured that their parcel is definitely coming. Each delivery will come with a delivery/order number which can also be used to prove that the parcel was definitely sent, if any customers are ringing up and trying to pretend that their parcel has not arrived (sadly, not everyone is honest – this does happen at times!)

Using a courier instead of Royal Mail can be significantly cheaper as well; especially if you are a company and you are looking to send out a large proportion of parcels every day.

If you are looking for a safe, affordable and speedy way of delivering your parcels, then maybe now is the time to look into hiring Courier Services. At Directory Lists we have a range of local courier companies who can be contacted to arrange your service. Search through our free online directory today to get your delivery service arranged, and keep your company and customers satisfied!

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