Bring the Spring Sunshine Indoors… When it Finally Gets Here!

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Let the sun shine through… when it’s occasionally out!

Springtime approaches and with it comes the lighter evenings.  Even if there isn’t always glorious sunshine in the sky, and maybe it’s even snowing(!), the days are generally brighter and so there are ways you can make the most of the springtime and summer months, even if you don’t get to go out every day.Increasingly, people are opting to decorate with blinds in the home. When you consider blinds as something other than a means to shut out the night, you start to see why they are a popular alternative to the traditional curtains.

As well as providing an eye-catching texture to the room, blinds can turn daylight itself into a decorative feature. Depending on the type of blinds used, light will enter the room in different ways, and appear strikingly different at various stages in the day – really setting off your living space if planned right.

Carefully planned fabric blinds can fill your room with ambient light even on dull days; as light tries to pass through the fabric it gives the appearance of an even glow. Choose the right shade and create a beautiful radiance of colour to your home during the day.

Vertical or horizontal blinds can offer you privacy, thanks to adjuster rods that mean you can angle the blinds to let in light, yet obscure the view into the room from certain angles. When it comes to night, or we find ourselves back in the winter months, blinds can be combined with curtains to guarantee maximum privacy and insulation if desired.

To find blinds and curtains specialists in your town or high street, why not take advantage of a free online directory service such as Directory Lists? Making a search with this service means you can find the right specialists and professionals in your area, free of charge.

When you know where your blinds stockists are located, pop along and see for yourself how the sunshine may be used to great effect in your home. It’s this time of the year when you can really make your home come alive!

Ian Terry

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